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     Mr. Raaj Choprra

Astrologer is not a fortune teller but a “fate reader”. He has to disclose what is exactly in store for future regarding a particular question. Of course in a most careful manner, because his objective is only to create confidence in the mind of the questioner rather than to frighten him. This is the toughest job on this globe.

Mr Raaj Choprra, Famous Astrologer India, belongs to a business class family but after having top education like M.B.A. from Delhi, and very good position in MNC as an Area Manager, these sorts of things could not bind him in worldly affairs and he started his passion what he has been practicing since 1999. He is the Person who practices the Concept of Astrology in the Name balancing of an Individual Name.

He has combined Both Astrology as well as Numerology in Name Number Balancing Method, with one’s full analysis of Horoscope as well as his complete Hora that is why his Astrology & Numerology Readings are so Accurate & Result Oriented. People believe that whenever any Individual gets His or Her Spellings Altered, or gets the Name of the Company Numerologically balanced, with his or her complete analysis of horoscope the Results of his Readings are really extremely fast. Raaj Choprra is famous Astro-Numerologist in Delhi. 

Famous Numerologist in Delhi. Mr Raaj Choprra is a World Famous Personal Astrologer. Numerologist, Gem Stone Consultant & Vastu Shastra-Feng Shui  Consultant.He only needs your Full Name, Date of Birth, Time of Birth, and Place of Birth & If You Are Married Your Date of Marriage Also. He Checks Your Horoscope (Astrological as well as Numerological Charts) through Science of Astrology as well as Numerology with Both Indian as well as American System.

He always says the remedies of Gem Stone does work if you wear genuine gem stone with accurate prescribed size in Carat and Rattis. He suggests Very Simple & Practical Remedies which are Very Easy to Perform & are very effective also.He predicts your Horoscope By the in-depth knowledge of “Prashna Shasta” Analyzing the Divisional as Well as Sub Divisional Charts. His Even Checks the Nakshatras you were born in. He balances your Name as well as your Company’s Name According to Astrology as well as Numerology Taking into Consideration the Position of Planets in all your Divisional as well as Sub divisional charts of your Horoscope.

His method of prediction is completely different from other Astrologers as well as Numerologists because he does Calculations of the Degrees of the Planets affecting your Horoscope (Janam Kundli-Janam Patrika), He checks the Degrees of the Planets that whether they are in the state of Infancy , Old Age or the Degree Level of Planets is Moderate.He even gives Consultations by Phone also; He is totally dedicated of all the cases.

Each moment a Baby is born, the planets are moving though certain Zodiac sings & are located at certain angles to each other. The specific locations of the planets can be determined on the basis of latitude & latitude & longitude of the place of birth.At a particular moment, although thousands of Babies may be born across of globe, their horoscope would differ because of difference in altitude & longitudes.  Consequently, the influence of the planets on the thousands of Babies born worldwide would differ.

Mr. Raaj Choprra world famous Astro-Numerologist believes in the matching the horoscope of Bride and Bridegroom to avoid any disappointment and disharmony later in life especially Mangal Dosha, Sani Dosha, Rahu Dosha etc. He has sound knowledge to ascertain which Gem (s) would suit best to his client so that the results may be excellent. 

Astrology is the science of the influence of the planets & stars on human and terrestrial affair. The planetary motions their positions & time to have a significant effect on all of us. It is one tool which can help to identify the areas in which anyone’s greatest talents, capabilities or weaknesses may lie.  Every part of the Body is ruled by a Zodiacal sign & every disease is caused by a planet.  The he says that one would consider lucky if you know what is in store for you.  For example what profession suits you, which line of areas will suit you the most, which line of study should you child opt for, when ill your good period start.  All this is predicated in advance by the Mr. Raaj Choprra. 

Astrology tells us tendency, nature, personality and probability of events so that one can be aware of coming dangers, challenges and opportunities.  Astrology enables one to take full advantage of the opportunities coming in one’s way. Most of our ambitions can be fulfilled and many failures & misfortunes can be averted if our actions are well timed in association with our Birth Charts.  For example, a person gets quickly cured of a disease if he takes the right medicine in time.  In this case, the proper diagnosis of the diseases and correct medicine are mandatory. He suggests a very effective, simple and practical remedy which improves your destiny and then luck showers on the individual at a very rapid speed. Remedies will be given for right work and smooth path only.

He strictly deals with those clients who have got their accurate Date, Time and place of Birth. The Astro-Numerologist can help you in discovering your strengths and weaknesses, your deep inner needs, emotional reactions, talents and ways to deal with others. The remedies of your quarries will be translated to you in English in case of Email and letter, but in case of Personal Counseling & Telephonic Conversation Languages like Hindi, English, Punjabi can very easily be spoken. He wants every individual should be aware of the science of Astrology and Numerology so that one can lead on a path of sure shot success with hard work.  He also wants to prolong the true faith of occult science forever in everyone’s heart.

He suggests Gemstones which will improves your financial as well as social status in the society.  He recommends stones, and deals with genuine gem stones from all over world’s mines.

Best Astrologer

Mr Sanjeev Anand is a Vedic Indian astrologer who has been practicing Indian astrology under the guise of “Ganeshmastro” for the last 13 years. In the beginning, he did not charged, which led to 100s’of horoscopes falling in his lap of complete family consisting of father, mother, children, uncles etc. of a single family. This helped him to sharpen his analytical skills and helped him to do research in certain areas like intercaste marriage in a particular Lagna (Ascendant) and various other permutations and combinations.

Mr Anand discovered that a positive atmosphere brings out the best in us. This is due to the fact that positive atmosphere makes us think properly and enabling us to give potent results. He arrived at a point that with Vastu we are not changing our destiny. Vastu changes and modifications cannot take precedence over astrological blueprint and cannot supersede the indications in a horoscope, but one can increase the quantum of positive signals and reduce the impact of negative indications in one’s horoscope. Man is governed within the frame work of an individual horoscope.  Negativity can be reduced by proper construction and selection of a house.

Similarly, in case of Fengshui, a pair of mandarin doves in the bedroom makes one more receptive towards his / her spouse and thus improves a strained relationship. This happen because we all have a conscious and subconscious mind. The subconscious mind contains years of learning & knowledge in the form of subtle impressions and symbols. Therefore when we see mandarin doves, our subconscious mind recognizes them as nature most loveable pair as they always move in pair and stick together for a long time. Because in Fengshui everything in pair is considered good and auspicious. When we look at the pair of doves our subconscious mind recognizes what they stand for. This enables us to overcome our short comings and enjoy the bliss of happy married life.

Based on above principles, Mr Anand gives predictions by clubbing Indian horoscope of individual with Vastu and Fengshui of his home. The outcome is brilliant making him one of best astrologer in his field by enabling a native to get success in all his ventures.

Mr Anand is a post graduate in Management. He has participated in various seminars and workshops of astrology. Astrologer Sanjeev Anand is Life Member of "Future Point" New Delhi, a leading organisation of India related to field of Astrology and Occult studies and featured in their prominent astrologers directory of 90’s. He is also Honorary Member of "Society of Vastu Science", Ghaziabad, India's first organisation of Vastu Researches. He has participated in various seminars and conferences of Astrology and Vastu. Few of them being "All India Astrologers Conference", “Conference on Astrology & Mysticism", "Seminars on Astrological Sciences" & "National Conference on Astrology and Vastu Science". He is an expert in Indian horoscope reading & Vastu Shastra and gives consultation for construction. He believes that happiness and related symptoms start from the first stage that is when a plot is bought; therefore complete caution should be practiced so that one can live in harmony with nature. He is a post graduate in Management and has completed courses in Industrial Psychology and Labor Laws from India’s prestigious schools. He has also done Intermediate course from “Institute of Company Secretaries of India”. He was conferred “Jyotish Alankar” by Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi.

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