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Birth Time Determination/Rectification

Indian Vedic Astrology is based on date, time & place of birth of a person. So all the horoscopes are generated on these supplied information. In general cases information like date & place of birth of a person is correct, but as you move to time of birth of the person, there may be some chances of error. Accurate and Correct forcasts/predictions done depending upon on accuracy of the natal chart provided to an astrologer. In some cases the difference of one second in someone's birth time may create a lots of difference forecasts. So if there is any confusion, people are advised to rectify their birth time by a expert astrologer.

Vedic Astrology system uses the events of you life by going backward step by step and analyzing your horoscope to get correct birth time.

For rectification of your birth time we will need around 5 main events of your life.

Followings are some events that may be used to rectify your birth time:

  • Marriage Date or major love affairs date
  • date/year of Birth of your children
  • Any purchases like home, vehicle or office
  • whether you have moved within / outside country with dates
  • date of first job / New Business
  • Any financial loss
  • whether affected by any illness, accident, Injury or surgery
  • Parents still alive or not / Date of demise of parents/family member
  • Inherited any property or wealth
  • Any significant happening of your life which you want to specify

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Indian Horoscope Astrology Services Indian Horoscope Astrology Services
Indian Horoscope Astrology Services