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The Rainbow which is formed by the rays of the Sun passing through the drops of water in the sky exhibits all natural colours together. These beautiful colours of extremely beautiful rainbow are called VIBGYOR where V stands for violet, I for Indigo, B for Blue, G for Green, Y for Yellow, O for Orange and R for Red. These can be distinguished very clearly through a prism. All other colours are by - products of these colours. The use of colours for propitiating planets is called Colour Therapy and has been accepted world wide.

Colour Therapy is another way of offering astral remedies in astrology. The human body is constituted by seven basic colours. Different body parts of a human body are governed by different planets as per their signification. Colour therapy for a benefic planet can be offered to a native but on the other hand it should be avoided in case of a malefic planet. Colour therapy plays a major role in an individual's life. It is not only restricted to body parts but colour therapy can also be applied at one's work place and while choosing clothes and even interiors of one's place of living.


Sun: Pink, Orange.
Moon: White.
Mars: Red.
Jupiter: Yellow.
Saturn: Dark Black, Dark Brown, Navy, Blue.
Mercury: Green.
Venus: Royal Blue, Variegated

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Indian Horoscope Astrology Services Indian Horoscope Astrology Services
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