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Fengshui is a 3000 year old science literally meaning wind and water. Ancient Chinese thought that a proper combination of these two elements bring health and prosperity. They considered wind as “Chi” which is the essence of Fengshui. Chi proper flow is the important fundamental rule of Fengshui.

Feng (wind) and Shui (water) is based on ‘Taoist’ vision. The basic principle of fengshui is based on five element theory. These five elements are wood, fire, earth, metal and water. These feng shui elements interact between themselves in certain way and produce the Productive and Destructive cycles. Each element is denoted by a specific color. The presence of these five elements in our home, apartment, office etc. make us healthy and productive. 

Now, we will try to understand these two cycles so that we can improve our lifestyle and remain stress free in every aspect of life. The productive cycle is like this: Water-----wood------fire-----earth-------metal.
The principle behind this cycle is that water nurtures wood which in turn nurtures fire, then earth comes and in the last metal.
Now for the destructive cycle which is: Water------fire-------metal-------wood-------earth

The principle is that water weakens fire, fire weakens metal which in turn weakens wood and in the last earth. East area is governed by the wood element so placing of fireplace will weaken this area according to productive cycle. As east area governs health and family relationship, so this aspect will be affected as fire burns wood. Similarly we use destructive cycle to improve some aspect like water aspect in west is not desirable so we will bring the earth element to absorb it thus making it weak in the process.
Yin and yang is the other most important concept in Fengshui. Its first mention was made in the most important Chinese book of 700 BC “I Ching” meaning book of changes. This concept is considered important in traditional Chinese medicine as it form the basis of diagnosis and treatment. Yin is feminine in nature and is negative and is denoted by the moon, south of a river, north or shaded side of a hill. Yang is masculine in nature and is considered positive and is denoted by south or sunny side of a hill and north of a river. The interface or play of these two  is the essence of Fengshui. Yin and yang are opposite in nature but they can’t exist without each other.
In Fenshui there are three important schools:

  1. Traditional or classical Fengshui school;
  2. Black Sect Tantric Buddhism school;
  3. Intuitive/modern school of Fengshui.

Below are some fengshui tips for better living:

  1. There should be proper flow of Chi in the house. So there should be no outlet like another door or window just opposite the main door as this will let the Chi to escape without proper flow.
  2. If your home is near a busy street then to avoid negative Chi from entering the house put a wall or shrubbery before the main door.
  3. No sharp edges from tables etc. should be visible to the naked eye.
  4. In living room plants or aquarium can be kept for good Chi.
  5. The foot of the bed should not be just in line to the door as this position is considered as lying in the coffin.
  6. Dining table of round shape is the best.
  7. Bed should not be reflected in the mirror of dressing table.
  8. Television should not be kept in the bedroom.
  9. Children room should be painted with light colors.
  10. There should not be any clutter in the home or office as it creates bad Chi.

We provide Fengshui services for :- ( Women tigong fuwu weile):

  1. Home ( Fengshui weile jia)
  2. Apartment/Flat (Fengshui weile gong yu)
  3. Office (Fengshui weile bangongshi)
  4. Shop/Showroom (Fengshui weile  shangdian)
  5. Commercial complex (Fengshui weile shangye fuza).

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Indian Horoscope Astrology Services Indian Horoscope Astrology Services
Indian Horoscope Astrology Services