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It is a known fact that Gems can counteract many evils in life. It plays vital role in shaping the destiny of the native. The indian horoscope of the native which is prepared at the time of birth through focus on the important aspects of his life, including childhood, education, diseases that he may be prone to, the risks that he may have to face, the struggle he faces to come up in life and the extent of happiness which may enjoy. It gives useful information on other aspects like love life, career growth, prosperity, property, marriage, children, name and fame and longevity. If there are applications at the time of birth, it can be countered through prayers, other astral remedies or wearing on gem stones.

Events in one's life are so predistined that one is often surprised when a beggar becomes a king and a rich man becomes a pauper at certain stage of his life. Its quite true that planets regulate our life on this globe. The diseases one undergoes are often related to his birth chart. The 6th house in the horoscope indicates the elements one has to undergo and the 8th house indicates the extent to which he will be able to overcome the health hassles and problems.

Colours, Precious gems, Yantras and Yagnas are also influenced by planetary configurations at the transits which highly influence the lives of the natives in all spheres of human activity particularly health, career growth, prestige, happiness, including marital bliss, financial gains, business acumen and most important of all personal relations and long life. Just as the use of right type of medicine can cure a patient similarly the right choice of gems can make life more smooth and pleasant.

Its very delicate procedure to presecribe a gem stone to ward off any planetary afflictions in a birth chart of any person. It mainly depends upon Astrologer's keen observation. Gem Stones must arouse the qualities that a person needs to become successful.

We find out which gems will boost the wearer's luck and prosperity and prescribe accordingly. After having your birth details we reveal:

  1. Which Gems Stone will suit you
  2. Weight of Gem Stone including the right finger and the right metal
  3. Time, Date and other wearing instructions for the gemstone in order to what you desire from it
  4. Mantras to energise gem stones and procedures for how to wear it to keep it pure

Please fill the following form with due care and try filling as many fields as you can, if you would like to contact us, please go to the Contact us page that has the contact details for reaching us.

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