2013 Sagittarius Horoscope Astrology Reading

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2013 Sagittarius Horoscope Astrology Reading

We have very good news for all Sagittarians, you people are going to face a very golden time ahead due to placement of Jupiter in the 7th house, and this particular planetary conjunction will be proved very auspicious for all of them who have been waiting for their marriage for a very long time.  This particular placement will also give you comforts of vehicles and land; apart from these above stated promises Sagittarians are going to receive huge gain for their hard work which they have been doing for a very long time.  No doubt, this is going to be a very golden time for all Sagittarians. It is also very clear that these people will visit to pilgrimage when the same year 2013 starts, they have very bright future with end number of promises such as; happy married life, complete peace of mind, contented life, success in partnership, and gain through litigation.  For obtaining above said promises on time, they are advised to keep a Copper/Silver Yantra in their pocket all the time. 

  • Magical Yantra” for Sagittarians:










  • If possible keep a real/artificial bouquet of Sunflower and Rose in your guest room and bed room; this will certainly boost your moral high to achieve great height in studies, business, and job.
  • You are advised to wear ‘Red Coral’ in copper in your neck; this will give you enough strength and positive vibes throughout the year.
  • You should wear yellow, off-white and orange.  You can use all these colours as curtains, bed sheets and colour of wall.  Your outfits should also match with these colours in day to day routine.
  • If possible design Thursday for all official and business meetings again Monday for outing with family members and romance.
  • The following food items should be included in your daily diet throughout the year 2013:
    • Raw Vegetables as in Salad
    • Half boiled eggs
    • All seasonal fruits
    • Tomato puree in curry (but not raw tomato)
    • All green leady vegetables especially spinach’s soup
    • Sweet corn soup
  • You should avoid all spicy foods and smoking in the year 2013 because these can give you heart related problems sooner or later in the life.
  • You should avoid over-work and take complete rest.
  • You are advised to consult ‘Best Astrologer’ to get clear view of 2013 on the basis of your exact planetary positions because as per these written remedies results may vary from person to person due to “Karmic Theory” and ever changing planetary conjunctions and Transit.


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“Success is a blend of good fortune hard work”

With Best Regards
Raaj Choprra


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