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Our Birth Chart its houses and "Business"

Today almost every able-bodied man or woman is in business or closely connected with business people. This article will help you to know the real path or work area of a Jataka” (individual). Since the planets in their sings and houses are such strong factors in shaping the lives of individuals and fill numerous colors in it, it can easily be realized that conditions-favorable, unsettled, or explosive, and especially designed to affect business-are in constant progress. Certain signs and planets have a greater effect on the course of commerce than others, and certain types of aspects have an encouraging interest or a slower influence. The following article is an important outline of the forces at work among the houses, signs and planets, all of which affect the business program on this mystical level.

  1. The first house influences “New organization (Enterprise)”.
  2. The second house is the house of “Wealth”, “Property construction”, “Investment on Property or land”.
  3. The third house controls “Mind”, “Commercial”, “Inventive”, and “Experiments with new business opportunity”.
  4. The fourth house generally shows the business with foreign country especially from sea routes and surrounds with “Small Business”, “Often individually owned business house”, also “Trade”, “Export and Import”.
  5. The fifth house governs “Amusement business, Theatrical enterprise, T.V. or Cinema”.
  6. The strong sixth house shows some organized group activity “Shelters the working classes”, “Trade Unions”, “Social club”, and “Organized Labor”, etc.
  7. The seventh house is the house of “Partnership” or “Joint Venture”.
  8. The eighth house is the house of “Will, Legacies and Inheritances”.
  9. The ninth house deals with destiny so it is very apt to say that “Expansion”, “World Enterprise”, “Legal Affairs” on a large scale, and “Speculation” are seen from the most powerful ninth house.
  10. The tenth house is the house of “Superiors”, “Business” or “Professional success”, and “Credit”.
  11. The eleventh house “Harbors, humanitarian enterprise (involved in or connected with improving people's lives and reducing suffering)”.
  12. The twelfth house “Governs Institutions”, “Hospitals and Reform” (especially by changing a person's behavior by some other alternative medicinal practices and rehabilitation centre).

When a sign holds these houses, the influence of the house is colored by the direction of sign energy. When a planet moves into the sign, the planet adds its character to sign and house influence. When another planet, posited in a different sign and house, makes an aspect to the first-mentioned figure, there is activity in the departments affected, and this magnetism is reflected by the marked stimulation on this planet.

  • The signs offer special energy toward the following enterprise:

Aries : energies the individual (“Jataka”) in any individual or collaborative enterprise (project).

Taurus: activates wealth, property holding, and real estate businesses.

Gemini : supports scientific invention, the stock market businesses and travel by plane.

Cancer : encourages development of trade and transportation by water.

Leo : operates the amusement business.

Virgo: controls servants; also public service and health programs campaigns.

Libra : governs philosophy of law and diplomacy.

Scorpio : activates research, mining, engineering, etc.

Sagittarius : stimulates gambling on a large scale, world enterprise, international law, and the publishing and advertising businesses.

Capricorn : controls authority and measures worldly success at large.

Aquarius : stimulates revolutionary business methods and social programs, airplane travel and development.

Pisces : governs the motion-picture industry, water travel, and the trade in drugs, chemicals and medicines.

Out of the nine planets some have a very serious effect on business progress.

“This work is dedicated to the Commitment of the Sages through the Ages”

With Regards

Raaj Choprra

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