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Astrological and Medical view of Emerald (Controller of Mercury)

Gems have very mystic power to cure diseases.  Gems are nothing but a second alternative/optional source of cure disease. I am not doing advocacy to use only gem stone rather than taking medicine but we can get most beneficial benefit merely by being worn in small finger, and in ring finger. (Right hand for males and left hand for females). If we have second line of defence in the form of gem stone then without losing a single minute we should use that simple option (remedial measures) to get favorable promises from Mercury.

If these gem stones are used properly after getting best prescription gem’s report from an Experienced Astrologer. There is a very mystic fact regarding gem stones, which I want to share with you, a year is to be divided into two parts, summer and winter months.  There are two types of months like hot and cold.  Hot stones may cause damage in summer months and so these hot stones should not be used in summer months.  If at all they are to be used, then special care is to be taken to wear them jointly with cold ones, precaution is that hot stones should be removed from fingers before going to bed and care should be taken to keep them safely and to use them in the morning just on rising from bed, otherwise they may cause insomnia.  But a prominent fact which we have to follow that It is very necessary to get “Best Astrology Report” to wear gem stone from an Experienced Astrologer who can guide you to choose best Gem stone suited to your horoscope.  Similarly cold stones in winter months may cause trouble, but these are not as harmful as hot ones except Natural Emerald.  Gems can reduce bad effect and provide immunity in the body against any disease.  Side by side medicines should be taken in order to get quick recovery.  Gems are generally used as second line of defence against any disease, these gem stones should be used after getting best prescription “Gemstone Astrology” with complete horoscope analysis from an experience Astrologer.

It is a green colour gem stone which varies from light to very deep green.  It is prescribed for reducing the evil effects of the planet Mercury and it is also used to enhance the power of Mercury in an individual birth chart, sometimes we prefer to wear this particular gem stone set in gold but another time we recommend to wear this particular gem stone in silver, and it mainly depend on the planetary condition of one’s birth chart. Here I want disclose one secret to all my readers that it is a unique gem stone and it proves very beneficial to students and all people who actively involves in research work. It is cold and it emits cold green cosmic rays. Green is the colour of the planet Mercury.  He is the young prince.  So green refers to youthful activities and quick action. The people, who are actively involved in academic works and they are very conscientious and very capable of handing things even in unfavorable conditions, this gem stone proves very favorable for all those people. They will mark time and get prepared to handle it wisely. They have the commercial instinct ingrained. 

As Mercury is a fast moving planet, they will be very quick and very brisk in their activities.  They are methodical; Mercurians think fact, act fast and talk fast.  This influence produces a clever nature, commercial ability and convincing speaker. Here it proves that Mercury is a very important planet and plays a very vital role in one’s life. They have the aptitude to speculate and idea very soon. Sometimes, it is also seen that good placement of Mercury in an individual birth chart gives tremendous success to students in mathematics and accountancy sort of most typical subjects. It is transparent gem stone.  I have been examining the most beneficial benefits of Mercury in the birth chart of students since 1999 and all aspirants those who have been competing for competitive exams and getting tremendous success after wearing the gem stone.  It is indeed a very useful gem stone in all.  

Ruling area of Mercury

Here we are describing the ruling area of Mercury in an individual body structure. The Planet Mercury governs central nervous system, abdomen, speech, tongue, lungs, bowels, nerve centre, nose, brain nerves etc. of our body, when it gets malefic in an individual birth chart due to inverse placement or conjunction with other malefic planets gives diseases like diarrhea, dysentery, and sirosis of liver, gastric and peptic ulcers, asthma, insomnia, heart-troubles, and headache,  so it is always advised to wear best to best quality of gem stone after getting complete astrological report of your horoscope and avoid all the above said unwanted disease with quick and immediate effect merely by being worn in small finger, and in ring finger. (Right hand for males and left hand for females).

Benefits of Emerald

The gem Emerald has power to cure all these diseases merely by being worn in the small finger, in ring finger (right hand for males and left hand for females). Wearing Emerald in combination with other stones enhances success in competitive exams, trade and business. It also helps in promotion and prosperity as it enhances intellect, memory, analytical and intellectual power, it promotes childbirth, heals bites, stings of poisonous creatures like serpents and scorpions etc. but it should be worn after getting best gem’s prescription report from an experienced indian astrology Astrologer.  It removes fickle mindedness, loss of memory, stammering headache, fear from spirits and harsh speech.  The Emerald is considered the symbol of hope, love and success. It is considered to be the stone of prophecy by many Saints, Rishis, Astrologers and Numerologists.  The Emerald acts as a quick reliever for a troubled mind. The Emerald is said to bring the wearer the strong reasoning power and wisdom. The spring is considered to be the most effective time for getting powers from the Emerald and the most important fact that I want to share with my readers that it is considered the lucky birth stone for one’s love life if it is worn with small pointer diamonds stud gold ring. So give your lover an Emerald to make him /her stay faithful.

In several cultures the Emerald was the symbol for fertilizing rain. In the Christian faith it is the symbol of faith and hope.  Its greatest benefit is that, it reduces sexual hunger and passion. As such, it is often used by the saints, Rishis, bachelors and students.  Mercury denotes the mental capacities and it controls the thinking mind.  Absence of green rays in our body disturbs mental stability and causes mental illness and hysteria. So, sometimes doctors advised to eat green vegetables as much as possible.  As mercury is a convertible planet, it is greatly affected by the influence of malefic aspects. Evil aspects from Saturn or Rahu to Mercury produce dangerous mental disorders such as malefic conjunction of Mercury and Rahu, Mercury and Saturn in inverse houses etc. so, this major rule should be considered at the time of wearing this most beneficial birth stone. But if Mercury is placed with beneficial planets such as Sun or Venus or under the beneficial aspect then in that condition, Emerald should be worn by an individual.     Green represents the Earth element with its quality of smell.  It is the colour of the spring time, youth and hope.  It represents new born life.  It is the colour of the nature.  It is invigorating and cheerful.  Persons swayed by this colour hate to grow old and they want to remain ever young.  They prefer young company and youthful activities. So, it is always seen that people working in theaters, cinema and acting field wears Emerald.   They are rather irresponsible, restless and fond of change.  They are generous, good-natured and most responsible human being. Though, they are witty but always thankful. As we all know that colors have very great importance in our life throughout the life. This is just as example to prove the benefit of green color in an individual body.  Green colour gives a go-ahead spirit.  That is why traffic green signals are meant for start and go.  It represents growth.  It is usually cold and mild and the reason being is that doctors prefer green colour to mad or insane persons for their dresses, colour of rooms, green bed sheets and green mosquito curtains etc.,  to give sound and peaceful sleep. A very good example that I want to share to my readers that most of the “Peer Mazar” or “Mosque” is done green white wash for peaceful prayers and worship.

The gems Emerald, Peridot, Aquamarine and Onex have powers to cure the above diseases at some extent. These gem stone have abundant source of supplying green colour into our body merely by being worn on little finger of either hand. Green colour symbolizes with green corn. Green colour also improves the most talented parts of the human system.  It governs the intellect, wisdom and thinking mind.  A combination of green and violet colour stimulates even a vague personality.  So, the combined use of the gem stones Emerald and Blue sapphire give wonderful intellectual prosperity in life and tremendous success in all over area of life.  For students, green colour is very helpful, and they can mould their lives to a great extent by using the influence of this green colour. A best example that one should know, green colour is used at the bottom of our Tri-colour National Flag which represents faith, youthfulness and chivalry.  An Emerald of the hue of parrot’s wings, bamboo leaves, banana trunk and of good quality such as; smoothness, purity etc.  It is highly beneficial to people when it is worn at ceremonies (Yajan, Laxmi Pooja, Durga Pooja, Maha Shivratri, Navratra Pooojan, etc.) in honor of gods. It is always advised to wear this most valuable gem stone after performing full religious ceremony such as; “Purna Pranpratishtha”, “Full Recitation of Mantras”, etc.

An afflicted Mercury becomes the cause of the following diseases; vertigo, lethargy, giddiness in the head, madness, brain troubles, tuberculoses, stammering, defects of memory, dry coughs, abundance of spittle gout of hand and feet, leprosaria, cancer, diseases of stomach, skin diseases etc. If Mercury is afflicted by malefic planets and placed in weak position in ascendant one is likely to face disputes, litigation, and loss through theft, loss due to fraud, cheating and forgery. So, it is always advised to wear this gem stone after getting complete analysis of your horoscope.

Emerald Originating Countries and it cost:
It varies depending on its color, clarity, size, cut, and overall quality – as well as their geographic origin. Emeralds are found in Columbia (South America), Emerald found In Colombia. This is known as the international market for Colombian Emerald. Fine Emeralds are also found in other countries, e.g. Zambia, Brazil, Madagascar, Pakistan, India, Afghanistan and Russia. In the international market Zambian and Brazilian Emerald is considered next to Colombian Emerald in quality. Excellent quality Emerald crystals in beautiful deep green colour and with good transparency come from Zambia. Their colour is mostly darker than that of Colombian Emerald. Urals (Russia), Africa, India (Ajmer and Udaipur), Brazil, Rhodeshia and Egypt.  The colour and water of the Emeralds from Columbia are the best.  Udaipur Emerald has dark colour but is brittle.  The Ajmer Emerald is of pale green color but looks attractive.

How to care “Natural Emerald”

Avoid sharp impacts on your Emerald and protect it from shapes with exposed points, like a marquise, should be protected. Clean it with warm water, detergent, and a soft brush. Store it separately from other jewellary and gemstones.

The characteristics of a best “Natural Emerald”

  • A Natural Emerald should be transparent.
  • It should have a parrot green colour lightest to darkest.
  • It should have some weight.
  • A Natural Emerald should have good content of water level.
  • It is very prominent feature of a Natural Emerald that it must have a single colour.
  • A Natural Emerald which gives parrot green colour rays that is considered the best gemstone.

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