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Birth Time Rectification

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Birth Time Rectification:
A milestone research in Indian Astrology

“Real Birth Time Rectification” method helps you to know your exact birth time for better future’s prediction and remedies before starting bad time. A prediction is truly based on the “Janampatri” (Native’s Horoscope) and is done on the basis of planetary position in the Birth Chart and all 76 sub divisional charts. The Birth Chart (Janampatri) is made on the basis of five particulars:

  • Accurate Date of  Birth
  • Accurate Month of  Birth
  • Accurate Place of Birth
  • Accurate Year of Birth
  • Accurate Time of Birth

Our most intensive, devoted and dedicated research is truly based on the “Accurate Time of Birth” which is quite essential tool for accurate fate reading process. Date, Month, Year and Place is accurate most of the time but it is a necessary to rectify the time of Birth.

Here I am illustrating Birth Chart (D-1) along with five other sub divisional Birth Charts, these birth charts are the main tool to access the destiny of a native although we consider all 76 Birth Charts with Major and Minor Periods (Mahadasha, Antar Dasha and Transit (Gochar) to get the clear view of an individual’s problem and proper recommendation of remedies in which we deliver Gem Stone’s prescription, Colour Therapy, Individual name balancing/alteration, general day to day remedies, diet chart (for health point of view), best herbs, lucky charm,  healing by holistic and devotional mantras, some general precautions based on month and year wise, etc.  




In Indian Astrology, we consider five parameters for the time of Birth:

1.      When the Mother first . conceive child
2.      When the child fully develops after 9 months from womb.
3.      When the child comes out completely from the womb.
4.      When the child cries for the first time.
5.      When the cord is cut by the doctor.

The time when the lady gets pregnant cannot be noted down or when womb first enters, the womb does not fully develop till this time and this time cannot be considered as real Birth Time.

But rests of the four times are taken till the chord is cut.

  • There is a very big problem like doctors takes approx. 1-2 minutes to cut the cord and doctors note the time after cutting the chord; the result stands same as the incorrect Birth Time.

But it is the foremost duty of the doctor to give successful delivery neither to note down the time of operation nor to see the watch when the delivery is getting done.

  • We should also consider that all the watches of hospital cannot be matched with GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

The people who were born before 1970 they should also rectified their birth time or get it done their Birth Time Rectification because before that particular year there used to be Mechanical watches which gets up and down ½ to 1 hour by its own, it means those watches had mechanical problem.  So, it was not possible for doctors to note down the correct birth time at that time.

Birth time rectification is very important for those people who live in villages because watches are not in the trend in villages and remote sensing areas.

In Parashari System of Astrology; a very ancient method has been practicing by so-called famous astrologers of all over globe for many decades in which 24 hours is divided into “12 Lagnas” and almost the same “Lagana” is considered the same till 2 hours, but if we see in those 2 hours in the whole day, more or less 2 lakhs babies get born.

Is it possible to have the same destiny of those 2 lakhs people (babies) all over the country or world?

Most of the Astrologers in India practice the same method of Astrology and their results are in front of you, some time they predict; you can go abroad but another time they say there is very little chance to go abroad, their prophecy (Predictions) shakes every time, this is very incompleteness phenomena of “Parashari System of Astrology”.

Some Astrologers consider Lagan for birth time rectification that is not good method of birth time rectification because Lagan does not change till 2 hours.

When we began to do Birth Time Rectification we got to know that the Birth Time Rectification can be done on the basis of ‘Nakshatra’ in which the native born, its respective Lord and we can easily differentiate the destiny of those people who born in 2 hours because we differentiate the destiny between 1 to 3 minutes and we give prediction with our method.  For getting Prediction of Marriage, Child, Job, Foreign Travel, Business, etc.  One should get Birth Time Rectification’. Many of the astrologers give future predictions without rectifying the time and this is the main reason that most of their predictions go wrong. This valuable Research helps you to know your exact birth time.

Not many people are lucky enough to have their birth time recorded accurately up to the minute; so they need to rectify their birth time. Exact Birth Time is necessary to fix the exact degrees of the Ascendant or more commonly known as the Lagan chart also and the exact degrees of the planets during the time of birth.

Rectification method used by us is elaborated here. The Major events of one's life are taken and then matched with the horoscope made on the basis of birth details provided by the native (Jataka). The whole horoscope is analyzed and if the events do not match then the time is adjusted to make the horoscope which matches with almost all the events of life. To conduct Birth Time rectification, you need to know at least the date of few major life’s events. We require important life events which could have brought positive or negative effects in your life as these events are help tools into preparation of this Birth Time Rectification Method. These events or particulars could be such as.

• Your Proper Date of Birth
• Your Proper Time of Birth
• Your Proper Place of Birth
• Your Proper Education or Status of Education (higher degrees).
• Your Proper Height
• Your present Complexion
• If you are married then it would be a milestone tool for our work;
• Your Date of “Saagai” (Date/Month/Year)
• Your Date of “Marriage” (Date/Month/Year)
• The milestone event for Birth Time Rectification winning or inheriting some wealth. (Date/Month/Year)
• Distinguished promotions in job and business. (Date/Month/Year)
• Status of Education (higher degrees).
• Have you ever faced misfortune by any accidents? (Date/Month/Year)
• Have you ever won lottery? (Date/Month/Year)
• Unexpected and happy meetings with any distinguished person and so on. (Date/Month/Year)
• Have your ever purchased Property/Vehicle on your name? (Date/Month/Year)
• Change of place of resident can also be an important life event (Date/Month/Year)

  • Have you ever done Foreign Travel? (Date/Month/Year)
  • Some other question could ask while the birth time rectification is done.

Along with the adjustment of the Birth of Time, we practice Ruling planets method which also is a great tool in ‘Real Astrology’ and it greatly helps in finding the correct Astrological birth time. Once the birth time is rectified; it surely ensures possible predictions with best to best prescription of remedies.

It is very important to rectify the chart before making predictions. With the help of your life events, our research work will help you in knowing your correct birth time and also give you best possible predictions.

Conclusion: The right Time of Birth is considered an important tool for better predictions.

Get Your Personalized Birth Time Rectification or Personal Horoscope by our Best Indian Astrologers from india.

“Success is a blend of good fortune hard work”

With Best Regards
Raaj Choprra

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