zodiac signs and Love Horoscope Astrology

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zodiac signs and Love Horoscope Astrology

Venus in Aries

Venus is very weak in Aries, because the lord of this sun sign or moon sign is Mars which is very hot planet and its hot properties make malefic nature of Venus at some extent in love affairs.  Aries is a sign of accomplishment in the outer world, and the Venus thought of personal development is not helped by Aries. Aries makes the love nature impassioned, impulsive, demanding, but also giving. It makes a generous evanesce set of impulses. An Aries Venus is masculine in through, real young hero lover who rides in bravely and rides away.

Venus in Taurus

Venus is very powerful in Taurus. It is the ruler of this sun sign or moon sign, and people with Venus in Taurus may expect to find a material atmosphere around their love life. They will seek wealthy mates, and even if the planet is opposed by other forces, the chances are that their persistence and patient pursuit will finally win the love and position that they are seeking. The love nature here is deep, secret and unchanging, with feminine intensity and masculine strength. The person is apt to have a great sense of love and be very satisfying in the response of love from his or her love mate.

Venus in Gemini

Venus is moderately strong in Gemini. The lord of this sun sign or moon sign is Mercury and makes a very good relationship with Venus, if Venus is posited in this sign. She has a very material outlook in this sign and when found in this position in the horoscope of a woman the tendency will be of gold digging. The love nature itself is youthful, airy, changeable, and full of sunshine and clouds at times. The touch of the lover is extremely light, humorous, coquettish and fugitive. But if the placement of Venus in Gemini posited at 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 9th in one’s natal chart it shows great compatibility in love affairs.

Venus in Cancer

Venus has a very maternal quality in Cancer. Those with Venus in this sign at the time of birth will seek love through their ability mother and protect. The inherent of this Venus are softly melancholy and day dreaming. In most cases Venus fulfills the personal urge of this sign, be it man or woman. (Although this is a feminine   Venus) and show fills the native with power to draw love through devotion to the home ideal. This love is very deep and passionate, protective and nourishing.

Venus in Leo

The sign of Leo is a very vital Sign, so that any planet found posited there at birth chart will have a good deal of energy. Therefore a Leo, Venus is vital, hot passionate, almost overpoweringly generous and inspiring, but not fruitful. The nature of Leo is waterless like the sun, and a planet coming under this authorization reflects something of its character. People having Venus posited in Leo achieve their romantic unions through their own efforts and the force of their personality. The results are often people with the love life tragically unfulfilled.

Venus in Vigro

Venus is weak in Virgo, The nature of the sign and the planet do not harmonize. It
goes deeper than this. The basic qualities of Virgo are not food for Venus; therefore this emotional urge is starved and stunted. People with Venus posited in this sign usually attain their romantic ends, such as they are, through flattery, courting the beloved, and a painstaking personal service. Usually his ambitious lead him to the beloved, and he courts some sort of material betterment through love.

Venus in Libra

Venus is at the peak of her power in Libra, where she may be considered in her own highest power than in any other sign. She is the ruler of this sign, and people who have her posited in Libra at birth make the most interesting romancers of all types. They should always use a beautiful, high-minded, artistic approach to love. Their actions should be well mannered and their whole behavior as a lover or sweetheart should be one of elegant appreciation. Those who are more happily balanced make the most desirable if not the most permanent mates in the Zodiac.

Venus in Scorpio

Venus is at her very weakest in Scorpio. Her influence here is sensual and extravagant at best and her strength no equal matters for the dark passions of Scorpio. The native with this configuration in the birth figure is apt to pursue love with great extravagance of courtship. These people would exact and give a very demonstrative love, and be exceedingly sensual in their practices. This is jealous, demanding attitude, but it is also an extremely devoted and generous one.

Venus in Sagittarius

Venus is considered the least powerful of Jupiter, and Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius. Some of the gifts of Venus on the material plane are also a part of the
Jupiter character; for instance, extravagance in thought and purse, cheer, charm and good temper when will aspected. The person with this aspect in the birth figure will seek love through the use of influence, power, and worldly favors.

Venus in Capricorn

Venus is not at her best in this sign, and those with this birth figure are apt to have little warmth in the love nature. The lord of this sun sign or moon sign is Saturn and it makes not a very magnetic bond with Venus. They approach their romantic ambitions timidly, without confidence, and an innate knowledge that they are romantically handicapped. This is a very practical figure, and Venus here uses her charms to gain material benefits. This sign often indicates some measure of self-sacrifice, and with Venus in this birth sign, especially if afflicted, the changes are that love will be sacrificed to gain material benefit.

Venus in Aquarius

This position of Venus in the birth chart often makes what is described as “ladies
and gentleman.” The lord of this sun sign or moon sign is Saturn which is considered the “paap” grah in astrology as well as numerology. Those people have a well-bred, gracious manner. And they display intelligence and taste in the life. They use tact and diplomacy to secure the desired loves and romances of existence, and they have so much in their favor that success is usually theirs for the asking. Both men and women of this type are ideally attractive to other people but hey themselves are exceedingly fussy and discriminating their choice of mate; and buried under all of their high-sounding selection is a streak of common sense that seeks dignity and decency in the loved one.

Venus in Pisces
Venus is exalted (elevated) in Pisces and in one of her most powerful positions in the Zodiac. Venus is inner own element combined with this sign character that expands her lush, sensuousness and all of her sympathies virtues. This Neptunian Venus makes her native approach their drama love with a silent, spiritual, insinuating appeal that works slowly and secretly though the hear for the beloved until the capture is made. The softness of the temperament is naturally womanly and very fruitful. When Venus is afflicted it can somewhat change the picture. Either the ultimate goal of the native’s desires must be attainted over tremendous odds or the love nature is perverted though muddled impulse of spirit and flesh.

The factors which can be applied for best love relationship affairs:

1. Maintain Trust/Good Faith
2. Regular communication with him/her
3. Intimacy within social limit
4. A good sense of humor but not comment
5. Sharing manners/values
6. Some getaway timing without work pressure or business tensions
7. Daily exchanges (meal, shared activity, call, notes, etc.)
8. Sharing common goals and interests if possible make future plans together
9. Giving each other space to grow without feeling insure
10. Giving each other a sense of belonging and assurances of commitment

But all these conditions can be fulfilled if an individual is blessed with good fortune.

Some other astrological aspects of love relationship

As shown in the pictures (illustration) some horoscopes with favorable conjunctions for love affairs and love marriage, these conjunctions can give some favorable results like love marriage, harmony in love affairs, good tuning with  life partner  etc.

But If above the qualities are missing, the relationship will eradicate as bitterness, withdrawal, abuse, neglect, and dishonesty; and pain will replace.

Some other astrological aspects of love relationship

As shown in the pictures (illustration) some indian horoscopes with unfavorable conjunctions for love affairs and love marriage, these conjunctions can give some unfavorable results like delay in love marriage, disharmony in love affairs, worst tuning with life partner,  etc.

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“Success is a blend of good fortune hard work”

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