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Marriage Astrology

Everyone knows that a successful marriage depends on compatibility between two souls. Marriage is not just coming together of two individuals, it is more then of it. To have a successful marriage it is important that there is effort from both ends, then only a marriage can survive. Successful or happy married life is a good combination between love, commitment, understanding, concern and togetherness. But now a days it has been noticing at large that just after few months of marriage partners get separation or divorce. 

But nobody wants to get the real answer of this mystery why people get separation if everything was going smooth a year back or more? Why they separated? Here the answer is planetary conjunctions or some ignorance towards the most valuable concept “True Match Making” (True Compatibility) by our most ancient marriage astrology a science of Planets, Nakshatras, etc.

In this Marriage astrology report, will discuss about love, finance, family, marriage & spouse, children, “Astrodosha” with planetary combinations of your astrology charts.

Our all marriage astrology report will devlop after deeply analyzing your Birth chart and all related horoscope chart, at our marriage horoscope report, you will get answers to following questions:

  • When will I get married ?
  • What will be the looks, nature and type of partner I will get?
  • Late marriage or early marriage predictions.
  • I will arranged  or love marriage.
  • How my married life will be?
  • Possibilities of having children .
  • Special focus on Mangal or Kuja Dosha
  • Financial position throughout the life
  • Chances of divorce or separation
  • Will I get marriage in foreign country?
  • Lucky Gem and remedies for early as well as successful married life.
  • What are the favorable periods for marriage?
  • Maha Dasha (main-period) and Antar Dasha predictions.

If you are a married people, you may also buy this marriage report. In this horoscope report will guide you about your married life, luck, relations with spouse, chances of bickering, problems, separation, divorce or happiness or success in married life. We can guide you some effective but very simple indian astrological remedies for a successful and happy married life. Absolutely, this is very unique and comprehensive marriage report at very low cost.

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