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Muhurtha Reading

Muhurtha is the integral part of Indian Astrology in which we suggest most auspicious time for a particular occassion or commencement of an activity in Indian Astrology. It is also called Electional Astrology. It is chosen for results with greatest success factors and without any hurdles.

If you want to find the best time for Marriage Ceremony, rituals during pregnancy for these all occasions Muhurtha is required for greatest success and best productivity. Muhurtha are available in span of few minutes and your work should commence in this particular time span in order to give best results.

We study horoscope of the person who has to perform activity and know the position of each planet. Dasha periods, Lunar Day, Nakshatra during the period is to be performed and calculate the most auspicious time and give suggestions.

You can choose right Muhurtha for events such as:

    • Moving in the New Home
    • Purchasing of Vehicles
    • Starting of New Business
    • Marriage
    • Upanayanam (Yagyopavittam)
    • Coronation (Swearing in as head of state)
    • To start Medication for Quick Recovery
    • To start religious events such as Yagna, Pooja, etc.
    • Long Travel / Business Travel
    • Partnership
    • Starting of new job or incorporating new company
    • Applying for Visa
    • Filling claims / applications (law suits for victory)
    • To start construction activity (Laying of Foundation Stone)

After choosing Muhurtha for greatest success in any commencement we can make things easier for you. Give us the chance to serve you better.

Please fill the following form with due care and try filling as many fields as you can, if you would like to contact us, please go to the Contact us page that has the contact details for reaching us.

Please Email us at if you face any problem.

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    Price $ 58

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